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A Word About Trolls

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Last month, indie developer Phil Fish announced that he’s leaving the industry for good due to multiple scuffles with press and fans.  Of course, this caused quite a stir in the industry and even more back lash against the poor guy. It really is easy to sit back and insult someone anonymously who has found huge success, rationalizing this as “if you’re famous, you deserve harsh criticism,” but I actually sympathies with Fish. Having had to deal with some cyber bullies myself, or trolls as they’re sometimes called, I’d like to share my thoughts on the topic and how to best deal with them, both mentally and in practice.

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Daily Focus Through Goal Setting

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As a creative multi-disciplined generalist, having laser like focus is an impossible pipe dream. If I focus on one thing for more than 3 days I get incredibly bored on whatever I’m doing.  Worst yet, it starts to feel like work, which stifles creativity.  I’ve been putting a lot of thought and practice into productivity lately and this is what I’ve found… Read More

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3 Ways To Make Money In Games

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Sure, making games is fun and all, but is it possible to make a living at it? When I told my parents in 1986 that I wanted to make video games for a living, they laughed at me and told me to think of something more realistic to do with my life. Their reasoning was simple, how many people are actually employed in the games industry circa 1986? At that time, just three years after the famous Video Game Crash of 1983, only Nintendo seemed to be thriving. How many people worked for Nintendo at that time? Maybe 100? What chance did I have to interview with a Japanese company and land a job in this amazing field? I may as well have told my parents I plan on being a professional lottery player… Read More